Barack Hussein Obama
The Greatest Hoax in Human History - Page 2
Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” ?
  Adolf Hitler 
“Great liars are also great magicians.”  ? Adolf Hitler

For an even more condensed summary of Obama and the Progressive movement see this Horowitz-sourced Video clip (scrolling text on screen - 9.5 minutes).  References to the 3 sources used can be viewed at the bottom of each screen. 


What amazes me is that even conservative politicos and pundits continue to attribute the failure of Obama’s policies to  inexperience, lack of business acumen, misguided intentions and never having run a business himself.  These statements imply good, but perhaps failed intentions on the part of the non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House.  That is not the case.  Every action, including the 24/7 propaganda to promote it, represents a brilliantly conceived plan to weaken America, collapse the economy and install a totalitarian regime.  This is a pure, unadulterated, slash and burn, divide and conquer strategy directed not toward our enemies abroad but at “We the People.”  

The progressive agenda represents 5 decades of infiltration, indoctrination and control of virtually every institution in our society on a national and local level.  Obama has INTENTIONALLY and dramatically increased the welfare and food stamp rolls, and enacted EPA and financial rules and regulations to curtail job creation except for the public sector, his union goons, and companies the government can control. He has INTENTIONALLY increased unemployment to dramatic levels and extended benefits for two years. He INTENTIONALLY exacerbated the BP oil crisis and confiscated energy rich land to diminish oil production. He has given the green light to even more illegals to cross our borders and drain our resources and has INTENTIONALLY increased the debt by 7+ trillion dollars in less than 6 years. This is and always has been the progressive agenda. Collapse the economy and get as much of the populous dependent on the government as possible to insure re-election in perpetuity.

As the quote at the top of this page, attributed to Hitler states: "great liars are also great magicians."  If Obama's mouth is moving, he is lying.  Even Hitler would have been impressed.  This site is dedicated to exposing the real agenda of Obama and his co-conspirators.  The non-citizen, racist, Muslim terrorist in the White House, flanked by a cadre of corrupt Czars, accountable only to him and protected by the most effective media propaganda machine in history, has already derived unlimited and unconstitutional powers through threats and intimidation on the part of a well-organized gestapo (DHS, IRS, Mainstream Media, NAACP, New Black Panthers, Congressional Black Caucus, Progressive democrats, Hollywood, Unions and assorted paid protestors to name a few).  All these groups and many more have something to gain either politically, financially or both by supporting the most corrupt President and Administration in the history of the United States.

To paraphrase, Black Panther, Stokely Carmichael: in politics, it is never a question of what is right or wrong; all that matters is who has the POWER to make the definitions.