Global Warming
The 2nd Greatest Hoax in Human History - Page 2
The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion." ~ Arnold H. Glasow ~
Or to quote Al Gore, the 2nd greatest liar of all time: "People will vote for someone who is strong and wrong rather than someone who is weak and right."

The two video clips below should put in perspective what has been said previously:

The Global Warming Hoax Explained for Dummies (12 minutes).   You will love this clip.  It tells you everything you need to know via cartoon characters.  The last 2-minutes precisely explain the motivation behind the hoax.

If you still have doubts go here for the full monty.
The Great Global Warming Swindle (1 hr, 13 minutes)

Listen carefully at the 4 min, 50 sec mark where the hoax is described as "a story about westerners invoking the theory of climatic disaster to hinder vital industrial progress in the developing world. As one African puts it they are "keen to kill the African dream."     

Now listen again to Obama who recently squandered $100 million in taxpayer dollars to travel to Africa and tell young Africans that they should not progress too quickly or the "planet will boil over."  Obama has already sent billions in taxpayer dollars to African governments, not to help those countries develop their own resources and assets (including people), but specifically to bribe and manipulate those governments into imposing Orwellian alternative energy mandates in order to prevent them from becoming independent, thriving republics.  This is Obama's dream - a subservient population, tilting at windmills and praying to the Sun to bless their solar panels.  This is also a lynchpin in the United Nations Agenda 21, New World Order Initiative - all based on pseudo science emanating from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).   The endgame, once all countries including the United States have been transformed into societies in which citizens have no rights -  is a totalitarian world government run by, you guessed it - THE U.N.!

You scoff and indignantly say this is science fiction!  Unfortunately, it's not science and not fiction.  The non-citizen, Muslim terrorist in the White House is already on the fast track in implementing the U.N. Agenda 21 directives. For an excellent overview of the U.N. 'Green Agenda' including comprehensive sidebar links to the entire scam click and go.  On a more personal and local level, 15 South Florida Mayors, who are either too stupid to live or totally corrupt; covened in March 2016 to publicly call out Florida Governor Rick Scott, for not doing anything about climate change and rising sea levels in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties - calling Governor Scott a denier.    These mayoral scum are looking for easy money from the state based on a confirmed hoax. The fact that sea levels are not rising and will not rise in the foreseeable future is irrelevant.  Even more significant any rise or fall in sea levels has absolutely no relationship to Co2, man-caused or otherwise.   Listen to preeminent and independent climatologist, John Casey, on the subject.  If you watch no other video clip, you must watch this (6 minutes)!

To Summarize:  There has never been any verifiable scientific research supporting the theory that anthropogenic (man-caused)  Co2 emissions affect climate in any way.  The same sick psychopathic personalities pimping global warming were pimping global cooling in the mid-seventies and proposing the same causes and solutions (read bold print in middle of first page).  As with the Black Victimization Hoax, successful manipulation of the global warming hoax to achieve a political end - in this case 'absolute control over every aspect of human life on a global scale' - becomes possible only when perpetrators of the hoax have a framework in place that can negate all attempts to expose the truth.  Obama and his progressive comrades around the world have built such a framework.  At this point, penetrating that framework without violent confrontation may be impossible.