Black Victimization: 
 Fifty Years of Progressive Propaganda - Page 3
 “If you tell a big lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  ? Adolf Hitler
  One of those lies that has kept the Democrats in power while they enslave their own constituents is
  that conservative white racism and violence against blacks is the reason blacks cannot succeed.

The recent turmoil in Ferguson is a perfect example of how Obama, the entire Democrat Party (black and white), Eric Holder,  the Dept. of Injustice, the mainstream media and race hustlers too numerous to mention; used an incident that occurs several times daily in the black community to advance a FALSE narrative that there is systemic, racially motivated white on black violence.  If you have read the previous two pages on Black Victimization and the link to the Lynching of George Zimmerman you will realize the groups mentioned above are 24/7 liars.  In fact that is their ONLY area of expertise. Everything they have done and touted as necessary and good is exactly the opposite and they know that.  Their only goal, their only goal for the past 60 years has been to transform this country into a 3rd-world dictatorship and make as much of the population as possible dependent on them for survival to insure they permanently remain in power. 


This is the picture that should have been posted with  #ICan'tBreathe



The pic on the left is from the convenience store video showing Michael Brown, high on marijuana, pilfering cigars and assaulting the clerk.  This took place within minutes of officer Wilson receiving a call about the robbery and approaching the 'Gentle Giant' while Wilson was still in his vehicle.  Eric Holder personally went to Ferguson to prevent this video from being seen and assist in orchestrating the riots with the help of his fellow race baiters.  This is how badly these scum needed to keep the LIE of racially motivated white on black violence alive.  Who would vote for them otherwise?  As for the REAL facts in the case the links at the end of this paragraph speak for themselves.   Officer Wilson didn't shoot Mike Brown because he was black.  Even more importantly, if Officer Wilson had been black and shot Brown in cold blood you would never have heard about it unless you lived in the local area.   Nine out of ten blacks that are killed are killed by other blacks.  Of the other 8 - 10% of blacks that are killed by non-blacks, I submit to you that almost all those murders are gang or drug related. 

Here is a video clip that puts the Michael Brown victimization hoax in a broader context:


The pic on the right is the REAL Trayvon Martin gangsta thug wannabe.  You were punked again.  The pic you saw on the cover of time magazine was INTENTIONALLY showing Trayvon several years younger.   ABC, MSNBC and CNN INTENTIONALLY covered up facts that show what really happened.  In both the Brown and Martin cases there is absolutely no evidence that they were shot because they were black.  In both cases, at the risk of getting killed by their own people, brave black souls came forward to testify to the truth.  That is why there was no indictment in the Brown case and why there should not have been one in the Martin case.  Did you know that Zimmerman is Peruvian, has black relatives, and that he and his wife tutored black kids for free on weekends?  Did you know that Zimmerman previously, and on his own, took the initiative to force prosecution of a white cop who allegedly had beaten a black homless person.  It is all here.  Lebron, your voice is the only one Big enough to be heard.  If you continue to support this travesty, then we are all lost.  Talk to blacks that really care about the black community - THERE ARE NONE IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.  Reach out to Star Parker, Allen West, Deneen Borelli,  Thomas Sowell,  David Webb, Ben Carson.  Learn the truth.

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